For Employers

Employers can be confident that jobseekers with Certificates have demonstrated competence in basic digital literacy skills listed. The standards include basic computer competency benchmarks needed for many jobs. Online assessment modules were designed by professional educators to measure mastery of the benchmarks in a comprehensive manner. They were extensively piloted at a number of sites to ensure reliability.

The assessments do not rely on independent, potentially subjective judgment of user ability. Instead, they assess user knowledge in an objective manner, relying on carefully designed questions requiring users to demonstrate the skills assessed according to predefined and validated values.

"Basic computer skills are vital for a successful job search and for working in nearly every job. Applicants who hold the NorthStar Digital Literacy Certificate are able to prove to potential employers that they can comfortably navigate the Internet, create documents, and perform business using email. Job seekers with computer skills will find greater opportunities for better jobs with higher pay while the business community benefits from a prepared workforce."

Karyn Berg
Career and Business Specialist,
Ramsey County Workforce Solutions

"These days, every employee needs basic computer skills to perform even most entry level jobs. The Northstar Digital Literacy Project could help job seekers demonstrate to employers that they have mastered basic skills."

Dan Strittmater
Presbyterian Homes and Services

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