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More and more jobs require computer skills. Some employers require all jobseekers to apply online for jobs. Many jobs require employees to know how to use a email, search the internet, create documents, and handle other digital literacy tasks.

When people lose jobs that did not require computer skills, they often have to apply for unemployment benefits online. When they start looking for new jobs, they may find that computer skills they don't yet have are required.

Building computer skills, and being able to prove these skills to employers, can improve job seeking success.

Do you need a way to demonstrate basic computer and digital literacy skills to employers? Completing the online Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments can help you identify areas in which you need further education. Once you have mastered the needed skills, you can obtain a Certificate by successfully completing the Assessments. You can also claim a digital Badge to put in your digital Backpack.

"I learned a lot of things in this class. It will help me when I go to the GED classes and take the tests, which are online. Technology is always changing, so I really need these skills. I suggest other people learn this. I feel more comfortable with computers. I used to call and ask my kids all the time to help me use the computer, but now I'm independent! If you don't know how to fill out an online application, you need someone to help you, but now I feel like I'm the boss of the computer. Mothers want to be able to check their kids' school progress, and if you know how to use the computer, it's easy. You can follow your kids' school progress online through their gradebook."

Appreciative student

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