We are excited that we plan to release Northstar V 2.0 October 28. The updates will include a newly designed website and a completely rebuilt admin portal for testing-location admins and proctors. In anticipation of this release, please plan on not using the Northstar website the weekend of October 27 and 28, as our current website will be unavailable. Admins and proctors will receive communications this month with more information on how to best prepare for the upgrade. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates as the release approaches.

Northstar Update

February 13th at 2:41pm CST

Thank you all for your great feedback on the first round of field testing for the updated Computer Basics module. We made a number of revisions based on your suggestions, and began the second round of field testing yesterday - this is at select sites, with end-users. Based on that feedback, we hope to have the module ready for broad release in March. We have begun working on updating the World Wide Web module, as well as overall website and sponsor portal redesign. We have now officially passed 500 sponsor sites! Over 430,000 assessments have been administered by sponsor sites, and nearly 2,000,000 on the public site. We are working on enhancing our social media presence. We would welcome brief articles we can post on our Facebook page. These could relate successes you've had, interesting experiences in using Northstar, curricula resources you've developed, etc. Just a couple of sentences is all we need - photos would be great, too. Please email Tom. We have noticed some difficulties with badging. This is due to some external Badges infrastructure issues, which we hope will be resolved soon. Thank you, Tom, Jesse, Jen, JennaRose, Julia, Sarah, and Nehemiah

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