V 2.0 Update

August 23rd at 3:59pm CST

We are making rapid progress toward updating modules and rebuilding our entire website from the ground up for V 2.0: Module Updates: The new version of Word 2016 was released to all sites last week. We are currently coding the Email module, with field testing set for late September; the storyboard for Windows 10 is nearly done, with coding to start soon; and we're building a brand new module, Creative Job Search, featuring content relevant to many users. Website: We're making great progress on this, with release planned by early October. Some of the new features include: Individual logins for proctors and admins, enhancing security and usability (no more logins shared with an entire site!) Improved workflow for setting up proctored assessments. Rebuilt administrative tools for reporting, printing certificates, etc., taking into consideration feedback we've received from many users. An easier process for adding proctors and additional admins to accounts. A tool allowing admins to directly update site specific data, such as contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. We are also laying the foundation for future Northstar enhancements, including learner-specific reports and accounts, and live links to curricula resources. These are scheduled for early in 2019. Training materials for V 2.0 will be sent to all sites in September.

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