Released Version 2.0 of Northstar

November 1, 2018

We successfully released version 2.0 of Northstar last weekend, which includes many upgrades.


We've simplified the process of proctoring assessments! Hooray!

Admin Portal

We used user feedback to make several improvements to the Admin Portal, and are excited to share these with you. These include individual accounts for all proctors and administrators, along with the ability for administrators to add and delete proctor accounts. Each account username is the email address associated with the account, and passwords can be set by the user. Administrators can also easily update their testing location information, such as their address and phone number.


There will be a webinar on Friday, November 2, at 2pm central time. Northstar staff JennaRose and Julia will give you a tour of Northstar V 2.0, and answer any questions you have about the new version. The webinar will be recorded and added to our Youtube channel. You can copy and paste this URL to join the webinar tomorrow: