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Select among the common issues that learners have below, or please contact a Northstar location. Unfortunately, Northstar central support staff are not able to provide direct support to individual learners.

I want a Northstar account.

If you want an account with Northstar, please contact one of our Northstar locations. Find a location. Here's a video showing how.

I lost my results page for a Northstar assessment.

Assessments taken on our public page are not saved with identifying information. To save assessment results, please take an assessment at one of our locations. Find a location.

I am having problems with my Northstar account.

For help using Northstar, please contact the location that made your account.

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I need to reset my password.

To reset your password, visit our password-reset page. If you do not receive the reset password email, check your junk/spam email folder.

If you still cannot find the password-reset email, contact us.

I need a staff Northstar account to access my location's admin portal.

One of the Northstar admin(s) at your location can create a staff account for you - please reach out to them. If you do not know the admin(s), please contact us.

I’m an admin and I need to add/manage staff accounts or make changes to our location info.

Please view our videos on Managing Staff Accounts and Editing Location Info.

Our location’s admin has left and we are locked out of our account.

Even if your admin has left your organization, their Northstar account is likely still active. First, please reach out and see if they are able to add another admin to your account. View a video on how to manage staff.

If you are unable to contact your former admin, please contact us.

I have a different issue.

Please check out our many resources, including:

Prospective Subscribing Organization (Change user type)

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I'm interested in what features Northstar has.

View information on all of our features, including assessments, Northstar Online Learning, and curricula.

I'm interested in pricing info for joining Northstar.

View our pricing page to determine the cost for your type of organization.