Instructions for Bulk-Account Creation

If your organization needs 3+ Northstar accounts created, it is easiest to fill out our bulk-account spreadsheet.

Download the Bulk-Account Spreadsheet


Please follow these steps to correctly fill out the spreadsheet and avoid any confusion. If you have any questions about how to fill out the spreadsheet after reviewing, please contact us.

Please only include locations that do not already have Northstar accounts. See the first row of the spreadsheet as an example to demonstrate the following steps.

  1. For each Northstar location, add an additional row, and provide the organization's name in the first column, "name".
  2. The next several columns impact how your account will show up on Northstar's Locations map:
    • "email", "website", and "phone" are optional, but are helpful to provide public information for Northstar website visitors to contact your location.
    • "show_publicly" can be Y or N, depending on whether you'd like to be shown or hidden from the map.
    • "proctoring" can be Y or N, depending on whether you want to proctor assessments for your learners to earn printed certificates. You can change this setting after your accounts are created, but it's easiest to set up in bulk upfront. We suggest you put Y if you are unsure.
  3. The following several columns are simply the address of the Northstar location.
  4. The "network" column is an optional column for you to specify the name of an existing or new Northstar network, if you would like to be able to run overview reports on multiple Northstar locations.
  5. Please provide contact information for the billing person and at least one administrator for the new account, preferably two administrators.
  6. Finally, please review the links to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Testing Location Agreement, and designate your acceptance of those documents by putting a Y at the end for each row.
  7. Email us the completed spreadsheet at