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Schools, businesses, libraries, and workforce centers can all use Northstar.
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Testing Location Overview

Testing locations include Adult Basic Education programs, community and technical colleges, K12 schools (for those that are 13 years of age and over), nonprofits, libraries, workforce centers, businesses and other organizations. These locations pay an annual fee which provides their own dedicated portal for Northstar, the ability to award certificates and digital badges, a database that includes the test results of all those accessing the assessments through their portal, classroom curricula, access to Northstar Online Learning, online proctor trainings, and technical assistance.

Testing locations use Northstar in many ways. Workforce centers may use it to assess client skills, determining who needs to be referred to classes. Schools may use Northstar as pre- and post-tests to assess progress of students in technology classes. Nonprofits may use it as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of basic computer classes. Businesses may use it to identify employee skill gaps, so they can provide needed professional development. Libraries may use it to determine who needs assistance in using computers to search for information. Each location determines how Northstar can best meet their specific needs.

Consultation and Training

Staff have significant skills and expertise in areas including Best Practices in Northstar Implementation, Getting Started with Northstar, Integrating Northstar into Current Educational Programming, Using Northstar Remotely, Implementing a Digital Navigation Program, and Training staff or volunteers to be Digital Navigators. Each training is customized to your organization’s needs, and includes consultation with Northstar staff to create a presentation specific to you. This training is provided for a fee, and includes a copy of the slide deck for you to keep, as well as the ability to record the presentation to share with employees.

Benefits of Becoming a Testing Location

  1. Badge exampleTesting locations can award certificates and specialized digital badges to end-users when they pass each assessment.
  2. Technical supportTesting locations can access online assistance and technical support.
  3. Admin report regarding # of assessments by topicTesting locations can access detailed reports about all end-user activity through their location. See example reports.
  4. NSOL DashboardTesting locations receive access to Northstar Online Learning (our learning management system) and curricula.


Organization Type Locations
Within Minnesota
Outside Minnesota
Non-profit or workforce center with one location $300 per year* $500 per year*
Library system with multiple branches; junior college; etc. $1,000 per year* $1,200 per year*
Larger organizations containing multiple locations Contact us for custom pricing.

Note to individuals: if you are wanting to take an assessment, Northstar is free to use. You can take assessments on our homepage, or alternatively take them through a participating testing location to earn a certificate.

* — Annual fees allow for up to 3500 assessments per year. Above 3500 assessments, assessments cost $30 per 1000 assessments. For example, a testing location that has 5000 total assessments in 1 year will accrue $45 in additional fees.

Join Northstar as a Testing Location

Becoming a testing location has many tangible benefits, such as accessing data about your end-users' assessments and awarding certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We regret that we are unable to provide phone support.

We first started looking at this when some of our participants were dropping out of training programs because they were unable to keep up with the technology demands with the training vendor. We began marketing the assessments and basic computer courses to promote employment success... we have less people dropping out of training programs, and we have good employment performance...