Northstar for Networks

In Northstar, a network is a group of real-world organization branches or locations that need Northstar accounts. Examples of networks include:

Networks with 3-6 locations are eligible for a subscription to Northstar for $1200/year. Prospective networks with 7+ locations, or state-wide networks, should contact us for customized pricing, and then proceed with the instructions below.

New Northstar Networks

To purchase a network subscription, please fill out our bulk-account spreadsheet. On this page, you will find directions and a download link for the spreadsheet. After filling it out, you can email it to us at

Existing Northstar Networks

If you already have a network set up in Northstar and need to add one or two locations, please fill out our application form and make note of which network you would like the location(s) added to.

If you have 3+ locations to add, please use our bulk spreadsheet to fill out the locations' info and email it to us at