Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates can be earned by individuals who receive a score of at least 85% on a proctored assessment Northstar assessment completed at a sponsor site. Those successfully completing multiple assessment modules have the option of generating certificates for each module passed, or receiving a summary certificate listing all modules passed.


Digital Badges (or Open Badges) is a new movement in credentialing. Badges are a way to display and document skills learned both in and out of the classroom. They have been described in EdWeek as"electronic images" earned for a demonstrating skills in"multiple learning spaces, including after-school programs, summer workshops, K-12 classrooms, and universities. And once earned, the badges could follow students throughout their lifetimes, being displayed on websites or blogs and included in college applications and résumés." They are often used to show independent learning and skills mastered in service and volunteering, online learning and computer skills, and job skills or work experience.

The Mozilla Foundation has created a powerful new way to coordinate and standardize Badges. It is a common system for issuing, collecting, and displaying badges earned on multiple instructional websites. Badge issuers, like Northstar, register a learning opportunity, linking it to the online badging system. Once a task is completed, a learner is awarded a badge, which is then stored in the learner’s Badge Backpack, a webpage that serves as a transportable portfolio to be shared with employers or other stakeholders who need to know a learners skills and experience.

"Open Badge" is an ideal means by which the NSDL assessment test takers can keep a permanent, accessible record of assessments they have passed. The process is simple – all the learners need to open a Badge Backpack account is an email address. After that, they can access the record of their Northstar success through their own Badge Backpack webpage.

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