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Why take an assessment at a Northstar testing location?

  1. You can earn a certificate when you successfully pass each assessment.
  2. Testing locations offer assistance in setting up and taking assessments.
  3. Most testing locations offer computer classes, so you'll be able to master skills that will help you pass assessments.
  4. You have the option of setting up a learner account where you can track all of your Northstar activity.
  5. When you complete an assessment at a testing location, you'll receive links to lessons for practice where you may need work.

Basic computer skills are vital for a successful job search and for working in nearly every job. Applicants who hold the Northstar Certificate are able to prove to potential employers that they can comfortably navigate the internet, create documents, and perform business using email. Job seekers with computer skills will find greater opportunities for better jobs with higher pay while the business community benefits from a prepared workforce.