Northstar Quick Start Guide

New to Northstar? This quick start guide will walk you through the major features of Northstar. Most items include video tutorials.

Quick Start Guide for Proctors: Proctors at Northstar locations can proctor assessments, view assessment results, print certificates, manage learners in Northstar Online Learning, and access the classroom curriculum.

Quick Start Guide for Admins: Each Northstar location has admin(s) who manage their Northstar account. Admins can edit location info and add or remove staff members.

Quick Start Guide for Proctors

  1. Open your location’s Launch Page
    • Each Northstar location has a unique Launch Page. All assessments taken on the Launch Page (proctored or unproctored) will be saved in the Admin Portal. Assessments taken on our homepage will not be saved to your Admin Portal.
    • Log into the Admin Portal.
    • Find the Location PIN on the main page.
    • Go to the Northstar homepage.
    • Click Take an Assessment
    • Enter the Location PIN into the field at the top and click Go. This will take you to your location’s Launch Page.
  2. Take a proctored assessment via Proctor PIN
    • Note: if you are logged in to the Admin Portal, you will receive the warning message shown below. This message is to prevent you from giving an assessment to a learner while logged in. You can disregard the warning for this quick start walk-through. Warning! You are currently logged into Northstar as a proctor or administrator via email and password...
  3. View your missed questions
  4. Print a certificate for your result
  5. Practice setting up a proctored session via test-taker request
  6. Explore Northstar Online Learning (NSOL)
    • Visit the Northstar Online Learning dashboard by clicking the upper-right dropdown and then clicking Northstar Online Learning.
    • Work through several topics.
    • Note: NSOL practice and instruction is only available for select topics. We hope to release more topics' practice as funding allows.
  7. Find the classroom curriculum
    • In the Admin Portal, click the Resources tab.
    • The classroom curriculum is on the Resources page.
  8. Explore the Admin Portal
    • The tabs at the top of the Admin Portal link to most major functions of Northstar.
    • Tab descriptions:
      • Learners: View current learner accounts and invite new learners.
      • Assessments: Start proctoring sessions and view results.
      • Reports: Generate reports on location-wide assessment results.
      • Location Info (admins only): Invite new staff members and edit testing location info.
      • Resources: Various resources including the manual, FAQs, curriculum, printable flyers, and link to request email help.

Quick Start Guide for Admins

  1. Add staff members as proctors
  2. Edit/verify testing location info

Still want to learn more about Northstar? Check out our manual, video tutorials, and FAQs.